02 February 2007

Replacement post

I'm not sure how many of you were able to sell your soul to Blogger in order for my page to load yesterday, but you should know that I took it down. It was all political and stuff, and it was written while my blood was still boiling a bit. I should know a)never to post political stuff, because I might alienate readers and I wouldn't like that, and b)never write political stuff (if it's necessary to write it in the first place) while in the throes of anger. I thought the fact that there were no comments illustrated that no one agreed with me, but then I found out that one friend couldn't load my page all freakin' day. That's just silly, Blogger. You should know better than to do that to a PMSing woman. (By "PMSing woman" I mean me. My friend could be, but we haven't updated each other in that field)

Here's a synopsis, since I hate it when people talk about things they did but then took down and I never saw it so I have no idea what they're talking about. I received an email forward that basically ranted about legal and illegal immigrants and how they're destroying America. And I got all angry because I'm of the belief that the immigrants themselves aren't the real problem, the employers who hire them are. So I ranted about how employers are the ones who should be blamed for destroying America, not the immigrants who come to work. And then I took a shot at Republicans, but everyone should have seen that coming. Because that's how I roll. (For the record, I like that we have Republicans in this world; too much of the same would be boring)

That's that. You didn't miss much if you didn't see the post, and if you did see the post and you hate me now because you're a Bush/Perry fan, maybe we shouldn't talk politics. We can still talk other things, especially if you're a WILCO fan.

In other news, nothing much has happened to me lately. I've been incredibly tired but I think that might be due to the fact that I don't eat wonderfully healthy stuff all the time and I tend to be a night owl. I see all of these skinny, energetic people all around me. It usually happens that they're vegetarians, and I wonder if I'll ever get to the point where I'll give up meat (beautiful, tasty meat) in order to try to lose weight. And then I wonder why the hell I want to lose so much weight in the first place, because as long as I'm healthy and exercising, what's the big problem? The boyfriend loves me the way I am, and that's worth more than a size 2 garment.

That's how my mind has been working lately, just hopping from thought to thought. Sort of making sense, but not extremely cohesive.

Here's what I'm going to do after work: SLEEP. I wish everyone sweet dreams for whenever your head hits the pillow.

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