03 November 2006

Since I said it...

Since I said the cat video wouldn't be my only post today, I have to write another one. But this one will again be short and sweet, as I have 10 minutes until the end of this VERY long work week.

It's the boyfriend's birthday today, and tomorrow I'm taking him to see Borat. I'm rather excited, and I think I'll like Sacha Baron Cohen a lot more after this. In fact, I already do. I appreciated Da Ali G Show, but I never really hooked on to it. I'll have to post a short review...although I wonder if everyone else who sees the movie will post a short review.

Now for the sweet part: I send you my cuddles. Have a good Friday evening!

Seriously, look at the Karate Cat again.


I've fallen in love with this video! You will too! I've watched it a dozen times already!

This will not be my only post today. But probably my best.

02 November 2006

By the way...

This is what I'm doing.

Return to Sender

I got this flyer in the mail today that has a silhouetted picture on the front of an adult holding a child's hand, while the child is holding an American flag. It also says "On Nov 7th Your Vote Will..."

On the back it says at the top "Decide Whose Values Guide Texas." It then has a checklist of issues and says yes or no for whether the Democrats and Republicans support these issues.

"Parental Notification for a minor daughter's abortion"
"The Defense of Marriage Act, defining marriage between a man and a woman"
"Laci Peterson Law, which protects pregnant women from violence"
"A ban on burning the American flag"
"Judges who will strictly interpret the Constitution"

Of course, the Democrats say "NO" to all of these issues while the Republicans say "YES."

I have a lot to say about this, but I feel like I should just wait until tomorrow, when I'll vote early.

At the bottom of the back, it says "The Choice is Clear."
I promptly turned the flyer back over, crossed my name and address out, and wrote, "Return to Sender. I'm a Democrat."*

*To be honest, I'm not sure what I am...I just know I'm not a Republican, and I'd rather see a monkey as governor than Rick Perry. And I'd rather see a Band-Aid as President rather than George.

Oh No!

I've already failed! I didn't post yesterday!

Oh well, I'll post two entries today. This one will be short and sweet, as I am at work and actually have (*shock*) work to do.

Now for the sweet part: You look gorgeous in that top.

31 October 2006

All you need is Willie Nelson

Do you like Willie Nelson? Do you like Ryan Adams and the Cardinals? If so, we can be friends and listen to Songbird together. And we will enjoy ourselves.

I was Agnetha Faltskog for Halloween, and my cousin was Anni-Frid Lyngstad. In short, we were the wonderful women from ABBA. I had fun with this on Saturday night, but I think I had even more fun at work today. My boss fashioned a microphone for me using a screwdriver, a stress ball, and cardstock. I painted it black and sprinkled gold glitter on it. It just sat there for most of the Halloween party we had in our office; that is, until one of the professors came in. He was attempting to vote on best costume, and when my boss told him who I was, his face lit up and he declared that he loved ABBA. And he wasn't kidding. Apparently he saw Mamma Mia!, the ABBA musical, three times. And he knew all the words. AND, we ended up singing some of Ferdinand together, which ended up being filmed with the office camera. If I can, I'll try to share that with my dear readers.

I don't think I need to tell you how awesome it was to sing ABBA with a professor who tends to keep to himself and who can be a tad intimidating. No longer. He loves ABBA.

I tried to sign up to write a blog every day in November, but I have a feeling I might fail at this. I don't know if it will bother me much when it happens (the failure, that is), but right now I really, really want to make sure I write a blog entry every day. Wish me luck.