11 August 2006

Adorably sweet

If you are allergic to cuteness, I don't think we can be friends.

Or we can, but you'll have to watch videos like this with me when we hang out, so get used to it.

Sports Night

If you love (or even like) sports and/or TV, you owe it to yourself to watch this show. I saw it for a while when it was new on ABC, and then I religiously watched the reruns on Comedy Central at midnight. Now I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy the DVD.

If you're cynical as a means of existence (like the boyfriend can be sometimes), you might find the show a little cheesy at times. You might think the stories are a little trite, or predictable. But I still maintain that as long as predictable stories are well told and well acted, they'll always be worth your while. Always. Transamerica was pretty predictable, but it was still a good movie. (Coincidentally, same female star.)

Do yourself a favor and rent this show. Or add it to your Netflix queue. If you hate it, I'm sorry. If you love it, let's discuss.

09 August 2006


My friend Marci showed me this video. I am forever in debt to her wisdom and loving kindness for showing me the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Hottest coolest time in Texas

I've had some kind of life lately. What's that all about? I'm supposed to not do anything productive in my day to day existence and then write about insightful thoughts I have. Oh well.

I went to Schlitterbahn recently and had a grand ole time doing so. My cousin pointed out during our visit that people our age were floating the river rather than coming into the park to ride rides. While I see the allure in that (no kids, no lines, no overpriced admission), I still really like the smell of sunscreen and the anticipation of going to a water park. I still enjoy the thrill of finally getting to sit in your tube after waiting 15-45 minutes and be shot around a water ride for 5 minutes (if that). I still want to ride the tram from park to park and remember the days when I didn't care what I looked like in a bathing suit. (Although according to my cousin the backs of my thighs looked better than some high school kid's in front of us. Ahh, how wonderful women are.)

I guess our next adventure will be floating the river, even though I'm not a good swimmer at all (I'm one of the freaks who never learned to tread water as a child). At the end of the day, tired and thirsty, the idea of just floating with a cooler full of beer within arms reach was tempting. But I'm glad we took the time to make what could be one of our last trips to a childhood favorite without our own children in tow. I recommend it. Recapture your youth people. And do it on the Whitewater Rapids tube ride.