07 July 2006


I got this email from my roommate/cousin this morning:

"found a roach belly-up on my floor this morning...was sweeping it up when i realized it wasn't dead. those bastards are sick....sick..sick. [...] bastards."

At my apartment in Huntsville, I had ants. They would mainly crawl across the living room floor, from the front door to the patio door. The carpet color was such that it was sometimes hard to see them, but I grew to love lying on my stomach, picking ants out of the carpet and killing them mercilessly. There was a sense of accomplishment about it, you could say.

At our old apartment in north Austin, we had ants as well. These were a little more ambitious. They mainly infested areas that had any kind of water (sinks, bathtubs, toilets). But when they got bored with that they'd simply hunt me down in my room and attack; most of the time while I was sleeping.

Now, as we are settling into our new house, we've discovered the joy of roaches. Ahh yes, the beautiful brown color, the huge antennae that move independently of each other, the lightning fast speed with which they dodge a shoe. Glorious, they are. I think they've figured our assassination methods out, as you can see from the email above. We've tried those little traps with the poison, but they're too big for those. We're going to have to call in reinforcements.

06 July 2006

Final. Sunday. Be there.

Pick your team!


Some days...

I gotta tell ya, some days are just slow. Just......plain......slow.

My co-worker and I were discussing the fact that our right hands and forearms go numb during the day. Mainly because we spend so much time on the internet, either reading articles or playing games. There just isn't anything to do in an academic setting during the summer. It's driving me slowly mad.

Tonight I'm going to a 'send off party' that SHSU is throwing for incoming students. The Austin area party is going to be at Dave & Busters. I'm a little hesitant about going. It's going to be odd to be one of the old people there rather than one of the students. How do I deal with being an alumnus and telling them that I still have no idea what I want to do with myself? I'm betting most of those freshmen are entering college thinking that they know what their path will be. They're in for a nasty wake-up call in a few years. The best thing about the real world is that there's no homework. And the friends are better (I'm generalizing, as I have a few good friends from college).

Ugh, rambling like an old college graduate. I hope there's some kind of beer special there tonight.

03 July 2006

Penalty Kicks

I agree with this guy, defective yeti, about the penalty kicks. Then again, my Germans won with those, so maybe I'm just truly angry that England didn't.

And Brazil is out?!

Here's a list of what I did this weekend:

a) Drove.
b) Nacho Libre.
c) Forever Plaid.
d) Drank.
e) Drove.
f) Drove some more, listening to Iron and Wine and Gnarls Barkley.

By the by, if you have a dancing bone in your body, you should do yourself a favor and buy the Gnarles Barkley cd (St. Elsewhere). I was a little disappointed that my boyfriend wasn't in the seat next to me shaking his body in the way that only he can. Once you've purchased said cd, skip on over to a little song called "Transformer." You will thank me.