03 July 2006

Penalty Kicks

I agree with this guy, defective yeti, about the penalty kicks. Then again, my Germans won with those, so maybe I'm just truly angry that England didn't.

And Brazil is out?!

Here's a list of what I did this weekend:

a) Drove.
b) Nacho Libre.
c) Forever Plaid.
d) Drank.
e) Drove.
f) Drove some more, listening to Iron and Wine and Gnarls Barkley.

By the by, if you have a dancing bone in your body, you should do yourself a favor and buy the Gnarles Barkley cd (St. Elsewhere). I was a little disappointed that my boyfriend wasn't in the seat next to me shaking his body in the way that only he can. Once you've purchased said cd, skip on over to a little song called "Transformer." You will thank me.

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