21 September 2006

I think a cold's comin'

Really, I think I might be getting sick.

I want to upload my ACL pictures on Flickr, but I'm not at home right now (The horror! I'm at work!), so those will have to wait.

There's some office drama going on right now, but thankfully I'm not involved in any way. I'm just a spectator. With ring-side seats.

The Science of Sleep is coming out tomorrow. The boyfriend doesn't know it yet, but he's going to go with me to that movie. I don't think he's going to mind. I also want to see Jet Li's "final martial arts epic" Fearless, but I have a feeling that's one I'll have to see on my own. By the by, has anyone heard why this is his "final martial arts epic?" I'm desperate to know. I dig the Jet Li.

The comic at the beginning of the post was just too good not to share.