14 July 2006


Are you into strange and jaw-dropping occurances in nature? Then this link is for you! Two Headed Kitten

Yes, that's right. The kitten has two faces. I watched the entire video with my mouth hanging open from sadness-disgust-amazement.

What makes it even sadder is that the kid in the video knows this cute little freak isn't going to make it.

What the hell do they feed the cats in Ohio?

12 July 2006

The Onion

Most everyone I know reads The Onion, the satirical publication with articles that I often forward to friends. This guy has seemingly no idea of what The Onion is. (I promise it's worth your time.)

I think the best pointing out of his lunacy comes from Sufficient Scruples, who gave the aforementioned idiot the Official Stegosaurus of the Week Award...meaning he has more brains in his ass than his head.


11 July 2006


My mom is coming to visit tomorrow. It's sad that part of my excitement of her arrival is linked to the fact that I will get a free lunch...and quite possibly some pity money. Pity for the fact that I can't seem to figure out how to hold on to money when the weather is hot.

Something else that's sad: after having several beers over the weekend, I noticed that on Monday morning I could almost smell Shiner. I promise to join a support group before I actually order a 9 AM beer.

I love these guys:

10 July 2006


I am sad because Italy won. A big bunch of babies with nice hair.

I am happy because Oscar is coming over this morning to (hopefully) rid us of cockroaches. Please, everyone cross your fingers with me. Knock on some wood if you've got it handy. For god's sakes, pick up that head's up penny you see and think of us. Anything else for good luck? Which shoulder do you throw spilt salt over again?

I am tired because I had a lot of beer this weekend...which progressed to a lot of sleeping this weekend. Which meant that when it came time to go to bed last night, I was not having it. I stayed up too late. I woke up with thoughts of taking a sick day.....just to sleep. I have got to figure out a different way to make money. This 8-5 thing is for other, better people.

I am impatient for Thursday night. The long distance boyfriend will be in town, and we will be at the Drafthouse at 9:45, ready to sing along to Queen songs.