18 October 2006


I usually use Oral-B Satin Floss, because it really does slide through my teeth like satin. And that's important, as I don't have very big gaps between my teeth. They are instead rather close together. Last night I realized that I hadn't flossed in a while, since the boyfriend (who flosses every night no matter where he is) had used the last of my Satin wonderfulness. So I borrowed, nay, stole some regular Mint Waxed floss from my cousin/roommate. I think it was Johnson's, but I can't be sure.

I hadn't realized how spoiled I'd gotten with my Satin. While using Oral-B's floss, I could vaguely remember my dentist always telling me that if floss got stuck between your teeth, don't yank--slide it out. That's mad!, I thought. My floss doesn't get stuck between my teeth!, I thought.

The regular waxed floss reacts badly when it touches water and teeth. It does not slide between my teeth; rather, it jerks up to my gums, moves a millimeter back and forth, then gets stuck on the way out. And I mean STUCK. It got so bad a couple of times that I had to freak out, calm down, remember what the dentist said, then find creative ways to manuever it out from between my teeth. Because there was no sliding. The wax acted like a glue rather than a lubricant. My teeth are still a little sensitive today, especially the ones that I got close to pulling out while trying to dislodge the demon floss.

Listen to me people. Buy the Satin floss. Your life will change. But you'll never be able to use another floss again.