14 September 2006

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Bush v Bush

America, the treehouse

Just read a New York Times article about the debate of the army's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. To refresh, the Armed Forces won't allow openly gay men and women to enlist. They will, however, allow high school dropouts and some convicted criminals. Am I missing something here? There are homosexuals trying to get into the Army, Isn'trying! And they're being turned away for the alternative--someone who most likely doesn't have the same drive or ambition.

The claim is that allowing openly gay individuals will cut into morale and 'cohesion.' One supporter of the ban says that "people should not have to expose themselves to other persons who are sexually attracted to them." I'm sorry, but when were straight men and women not sexually attracted to the opposite sex? Aren't they all in "conditions of forced intimacy"? If straight men and women can learn to keep their hands off each other, I think gay men and women can learn to do the same.

I also find it odd that a country that seems to support equal opportunity employment, punishing discrimination to the point where a person who makes a derogatory joke is ostrasized, is having trouble with discrimination in a field of work that arguably needs all the people it can get. And it has citizens volunteering, citizens it's turning away because of a sexual preference.

Some people would tell me that if I hate things here (in America) so much I should just go somewhere else. But this isn't a treehouse in a backyard. It seems like a lot of people think of this country as such--a treehouse with a sign that says "No foreigners, gays, or critics allowed." Hey Bush administration, if you don't have those, you don't have a damn country to run into the ground. Remember that.

Sorry for politics again. I'll be out cavorting with the masses the next three days. Whoo! I know you care, so I'll tell you who I'll probably be seeing (bolds are ones I'm dying for):

The Dears
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
deadboy & the Elephantmen
Wolf Parade
Gnarls Barkley
Okkervil River
Cat Power & the Memphis Rhythm Band
Thievery Corporation
Ray Lamontagne
Van Morrison (let's hope he plays some old songs)
Murder by Death
Ben Kweller
TV on the Radio
The Shins

Aimee Mann
What Made Milwaukee Famous
String Cheese Incident
Kings of Leon
Iron and Wine
Willie Nelson

Kathleen Edwards
Jose Gonzalez
Buckwheat Zydeco
The New Pornographers
Son Volt
The Flaming Lips
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


11 September 2006

ACL mothas!

I'm posting this entry mainly for my friend Marci who can't seem to remember that I'll be rocking my booty off this week at the festival whose babies I'd like to have. I realize that sentence went a little far, but I don't care. I'm psyched.

Austin City Limits is this weekend, and I will be there. Every day. Until my limbs can no longer move and my ears can no longer hear. I will probably be blowing weird things out of my nose for a week afterwards, if the last two years are any indication. Again, too far. Sorry.

Please go here if you are interested (or want to tell me which bands to see for you): ACL Festival.

I realize this was full entry was full of gloating. To make sure I don't seem like I'm totally self-centered, I'll give you this as well, courtesy of Cute Overload: