02 August 2006


So I didn't want to make this blog about my grumblings with work, but I feel I'm forced to in this entry. Mainly because the co-worker I usually vent with won't be back until Monday, as she is frolicking somewhere in the Far East.

A decent sized shipment of packages came in today just as I was taking the mail down. Which meant I left the office, got in an elevator, walked a ways to another office, and reversed the trip. It took about, oh, 3-4 minutes. On my way back, I met the delivery guy, which in my mind put the time between his leaving the office and my returning to the office at about 2 minutes or so.

The evil co-worker obviously signed for the packages, as she was the only one in here. But she neglected to take the extra minute to look at our tracking book and find out just which packages we had received. She waited until I walked in to the office with papers in my hand to ask me to take care of it. She actually said, "Can you take care of those?"

Now look, I know I don't have a lot of work. And I know that she probably has a project or two on her desk. But I also happen to know that she was chatting at that time (the tell-tale break between short bursts of typing gave it away). WHA?! Sure, evil co-worker, I'll do the job that isn't necessarily mine, but can actually be done by anyone in the office. Because god forbid work break up your chat time. I tend to leave my friends hanging on chat when work comes up. But I can understand if yours are too important. I can also understand your need to delegate work when the real boss isn't around, since that's obviously your only time to feel some real power.

I know you can't tell from this post, but I really don't hate my job. I actually like it for what it is. I'm just allergic to the evil co-workers of the world.

01 August 2006

I'm old

I've recently discovered that I'm old. It's been creeping up on me lately, but now it's just obvious. Here's why:

a) I think I'm constantly talking about how something on my body hurts, whether it be my head, my shoulders, my legs, etc. This may just make me a hypochondriac or an annoying jerk, but I think it makes me sound old.

b) I have thoughts like, "How do those kids only get a few hours of sleep one night and want to party again the next night? Don't they get tired?"

c) I usually eat immediately when I get home from work (or from aerobicizing). When I come home from work, I usually walk in the door around 5:30. By 6, I'm eating my dinner.

d) On most Fridays, I'm good until 10 PM. Then I collapse in a heap on my bed, wondering how I got by on so little sleep in college.

e) A lot of people under 20 bother me. Not all, but most. They're loud, obnoxious, have no regard for others, and usually have more money than me. Bitches.