13 October 2006

Back at home

I'm sitting at home in my dad's reclining chair watching news anchors talk about the Navy's 231st birthday. My plans for this weekend changed a few days ago, and I thought I'd just be sitting around alone at home tonight. But I'm at home home now, the house I grew up in, due mainly to a slideshow emailed to me by my mother that contained pictures of my youngest niece and nephew. How can one not come home after seeing adorable family like that?

My mom and I played a stirring game of jacks tonight, which she won of course. Last weekend we had a quick challenge, and she beat me pretty handily. Tonight I gave her a run for her money, but of course she remains "the champ" (her term).

In case anyone has a hard time recalling what jacks look like,

Now we're watching If Looks Could Kill. Richard Grieco. Enough said. Well, not enough. This movie also stars the Sheriff of Rottingham.

10 October 2006

What I Did At Work Today

Stole this picture from Party City's website:

Scanned this picture of my Driver's License:

And put the two together. Because of copyright reasons (and also because it's already on the door to our office) I can't show you the end product. But trust me, it's good.