11 November 2006


God help me. I'm watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And I'm crying. Why oh why do we have hormones that force us to watch chick flicks and shed tears?


I should have left it on Inside the NFL.


I should have read the book before I saw the movie. Running with Scissors was the last movie I needed to watch tonight. A bit more depressing than I thought it'd be.

Always read the book. Always.

10 November 2006

My own personal date

I'm usually driving to Huntsville or waiting for the boyfriend to arrive on Friday nights. But tonight is a bit different. We've got a girl's night planned for tomorrow, so the boyfriend isn't showing up this weekend. Almost everyone I know has got things to do, and even if some people don't, I've been a bit anti-social lately. I should remedy that, but it's hard when half of your life is in a different city and you're still fairly new to this one. But I digress.

Since I've got a lot of time to myself tonight, I think I'm going to treat myself to a movie. I'm trying to decide what to see. I've narrowed it down to Babel, The Queen, or Running with Scissors. If I'm feeling like I want to be enlightened in some way, I'll see Babel. Or The Queen. If I'm feeling quirky, it'll be Running with Scissors. I'm not sure what movie I'm more likely to see with someone else. I'll probably end up at Running with Scissors. I'm sure you're riveted by all of this.

It's been a while since I've seen a movie by myself. I think the last time was when I saw Thank You for Smoking. The first movie I ever saw on my own was Ladder 49. It was a big step for me. I was newly single, trying to remind myself that I could do things on my own, and, well, it had Joaquin Phoenix in it. (By the way, if you're not following the links, I highly recommend clicking on that one.) I'd always been nervous about seeing a movie alone, and the first time was tough. But after a few tries, I think I've got it down pretty good.

I think I'll go with Running with Scissors. I need to laugh. Has anyone else seen their first movie alone yet?

09 November 2006

Harry and the Hendersons

I'm sitting in my living room having a drink with Casey when I discover that Harry and the Hendersons was actually on TV. An HBO channel I think. How this movie brings back memories. I wore the tape out when I was young, and watching it tonight I could still remember how I felt every time I watched the mom put a bandage on Harry's wound; or when Harry imitated a police siren to get through the traffic. Does anyone else remember this movie? I must buy it. It made me feel like a kid again.

As I was watching it tonight, I started to wonder about Harry. How did they do that? It had to be a real person under there, but was he really that tall or was it trick photography? While I was looking up the movie on IMDb, I clicked on the actor's name, Kevin Peter Hall. Turns out he was really that tall; 7'2". He was an African-American actor who was in the Predator movies, among other things. His bio states that his face is only seen at the end of Predator, a movie in which he plays the Predator and a helicopter pilot. Apparently he died in 1991 after getting a tainted blood transfusion after a car accident. He ended up with AIDS.

While I never followed this man's career, I feel a certain sense of loss in learning that he died so many years ago of something so tragic. Even tonight watching that movie from so long ago made me feel like a kid again; somehow made me feel OK. Comforted. And now that I know the man who played Harry is dead, I feel like my grown up world has somehow forced its way into my childhood. Reality has reminded me that I can't ignore it. Just makes me sad.

Anyway, I highly recommend this movie. It's not great, but if there's still some kind of child left inside of you, you might appreciate it.

08 November 2006


Rumsfeld is gone. Why did this take so long? Oh yeah, our President's got blinders on.

Walking home, I ended up behind a student finishing his cigarette. The downwind was blowing the smoke in my face, and immediately I hated it. I'm not going to say that people shouldn't smoke at all, and I'm not going to try to tell smokers when and where they should smoke. I don't understand the allure, but that doesn't matter right now.

The second I'm around smoke, my head or chest tells me what it thinks. It's worse when I'm walking rather briskly, breathing a little faster and harder than usual. I don't have asthma, but my allergies frequently make it a little more difficult for me to breathe at the same level that most others do from day to day. (I realize that asthmatics have it a lot worse, so don't get angry with me) And once that smoke gets in there, you can forget it. It just doesn't feel good.

I guess I just wish I could either a) breathe much better than I can so that smoke doesn't bother me so much, or b) figure out how to navigate the wind successfully every time I'm around a cigarette.

So anyway, I should tell you how much I love the commercial on the TV right now for Senokot. "Naturally Gentle, Gentle Naturally." It's a laxative. The commercial contained: a man giving a woman flowers he picked, a deer running, a basketful of puppies, a little boy petting a kitten, etc. Does this make you want to go to the bathroom? Or at least take Senokot if you can't? Tell me someone, because all I can do is laugh.

07 November 2006

Thoughts thought whilst walking home and sitting on my porch

If I had a cell phone that had all kinds of capabilities, I'd never use anything else to do anything else. I'd take pictures, download music, get scores (god help me if I ever have one during baseball season), play awesome games, chat, and cuddle with it at night. I'm already one of these people who can't STAND to be anywhere without my cell phone.

My iPod loves me, despite its many scratches and drops. I know this because it randomly played three (count 'em, THREE) Elliott Smith songs in a row. It knows me so well.

A mosquito is, once again, going to prevent me from staying outside on my very nice porch. The little fucker.

I'm not sure if we're supposed to keep the grass short on the other side of the fence (the area between our fence and the sidewalk). I only wonder because it's starting to look like shit.

I told my boyfriend to write down everything he loves about me before this weekend, because I might (MIGHT) take all of my PMS aggression out on him. He'll need a list to reference when I'm crying for no apparent reason and blaming it on him. ("Wait, why do I put up with this every month?") After a year and a half of dating, should he be used to this by now? I sure as hell hope so. And I hope he takes my advice, because I'm already feeling physical pain. Emotional distress shall soon follow. It's a good thing the girls are going to get me drunk this weekend.

I'm going to miss him when the girls get me drunk this weekend.

We need a pet.

06 November 2006


I'm sure this will be taken off of You Tube by the time people try to watch it, but I thought I'd try to post it anyway. It's a video of Beck's performance on SNL two weekends ago. It's pretty good, but I'd have to argue that it sounds like Beck stole his catchy little riff from The Unicorns. That little guitar bit is contained in their song "Child Star" near the end. If you have the cd, listen. You'll hear it. It's a tiny bit different, but it's close enough for me to think "I've heard that before. That's not his."

Beck, I think you're good, but Canadians beat you to that melody.

A post full of hearts

I sometimes wonder how I ended up dating the person I'm with. He's one of those great people who I thought would never be interested in someone like me. Not that I'm a totally lame person or anything; he was an English major and I was a bored Theatre major. We had an English class together that focused on the rise of drama in America, and the English major (of course) had much more interesting comments to make than the Theatre major. So I just naturally assumed he'd think I was some kind of flake and that'd be that. Apparently he didnt.

He's a writer; much better than most of the junk that's published these days, light years better than I could ever be. I, though, am probably a better Googler than he could ever dream of being. (These are of the same caliber, of course.) He likes a room to be freezing at night. I like a room to be just cool enough to use more than one blanket. He doesn't watch any sports. I watch football, baseball, some basketball, and The Lonestar Rollergirls. (To be fair, he likes the Rollergirls too.)

My point is that he and are probably quite different if you were to write us down on paper. But we've got the essentials: we like the same music, the same movies (mostly), the same politics, the same jokes. We grew up with similar parents, beliefs, and activities. It's just amazing to me that someone I initially thought would be so different than me is the one person I feel is most like me. Just thought I'd share that.

In other news, has anyone else seen the 5 Hour Energy commercial? It first shows people falling asleep at work (one's even a doctor--how secure I feel!). Then, after they drink the 5 Hour Energy drink, they're BAM! Back in action. It even shows this one man walking down a cubicle hallway mysteriously upper cutting the air with his fist. I mean really, have you ever felt so energized you've just HAD to throw a punch? This is excluding the boxers out there. We know how you roll.

If you don't watch the Colbert Report, allow me to tell you what he did tonight, the bastard. He has a balloon drop planned for tomorrow night after the midterms. Of course, all of the balloons are red. So if people want to see a fabulous balloon drop, they have to vote Republican. To drive the point home, he had two very cute children come out and say to the camera, to America, "Vote Republican!" Yeah, it was cute.

I'm about to post this at 11:20 PM by my computer clock. Hopefully Blogger won't screw me over and show it as a 12:01 entry again.

I swear

that my computer clock said 11:59 when I hit "Publish Post." Damn you Blogger clock. Damn you.

I have failed

I gotta say, I'm not surprised. I knew it would be hard to post when I was in Huntsville, since there are not very many opportunities to get a good internet connection there.

Does anybody else hate that Rascal Flatts cover of "Life is a Highway"? I know I do.

Does anybody else LOVE the LeBron James commercial on ESPN where he's trying to fix the copy machine? I know I do.

I've got 3 minutes until the end of Sunday, so I'd better make this quick.

My Cowboys lost, my Bearkats won, and I got to take my boyfriend out to see Borat this weekend. All in all, not a bad few days. I hope you had a good one too. See you tomorrow.