29 September 2006

Picture Essay

This is how I feel when people talk about how bad SHSU is going to lose this weekend.

On a completely unrelated note, I saw a shirt today that said on the back, "Mom. Dad. I'm Gaelic."

A hippopotumus is just a really cool opotumus.

I've come to the conclusion that I probably shouldn't read my blog. Every time I do, I wonder why I write it. I used to do that with my diaries too. Like I need to impress myself with my diary.

Last night I watched some YouTube of Mitch Hedberg. I'd never really seen him or heard his stuff, but a lot of my friends love him and I now see why. Maybe you recognized his joke in the title line.

I've grown to have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. Here's why:

The weather is beautiful. I still break a sweat walking to and from work, but it's not the kind that soaks through my shirt and makes me feel like I've just been to the sauna. The wind is blowing cool air for a change, and even the squirrels and birds seem to be more chipper. Plus, it's just a matter of time until I get to dress up in my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I probably shouldn't call it a wardrobe so much as "the few sweaters and long sleeved shirts I own," but it also includes my awesome collection of coats and jackets. Which I won't need until...well, I probably won't need any extra layers in Austin. Bummer.

But this time of year also means that almost all of the people around me are in school. Which means they have homework and exams. Which means they can't just up and go to a Shostakovich recital with me. I'm not really complaining--I have something taking up my evenings these next few months as well. But it is sad to not have those carefree nights anymore.

I think a friend of mine is angry with me, but as she's not returning my phone calls, I can't be sure. Stinks.