13 December 2006


I don't consider myself to be a silly person most of the time. At least not the kind of silly that gets offended if people don't notice I've done something different with myself. I usually just think, "Oh, I'm sure they've changed something at some point that I haven't noticed, so I shouldn't get angry at them so quickly."

But damnit people. I cut my hair. Not just trimmed, cut. Three inches. And guess what! My hair's much shorter in the front than it was yesterday! Can you guess why? Because I got bangs!! Admittedly not the five-year-old bangs of my youth, but angled bangs! Bangs that make me look cool! Goodness!

Ok, now that I'm over my tantrum, I can move on to something much more important. The miracle on Guadalupe St. It happened last night. It had seemed that the traffic lights and cars were against us all evening, and it didn't look like the drive down Guadalupe was going to be any different. (FYI, in Austin we say "Guadaloop." Some try to fight this, but they'll never win.) We sat at a light around 15th street (this is my estimation...we weren't paying that much attention), both hungry and ready to get to our destination. The light turned green. The next light turned green. We could see the lights turning green two, three intersections away, all in time to let us pass through. Around 6th we both started to believe. This was it. This was going to be it. We saw the light at Cesar Chavez turn as we were barely exiting the 3rd street intersection. I crossed my fingers and held my breath. Two more intersections and we would be on the bridge. Traffic had built up around us, threatening to ruin our perfect run. Through the 2nd street intersection, we were both thinking that the Cesar Chavez light would never stay green. Never.

But It Did!! And we made it!! A perfect run down Guadalupe!! It cut our traveling time in half. In half, people! The lights in Austin are notorious for being frustrating beyond belief, but for one magical night, we won. We hit EVERY GREEN LIGHT for 15 BLOCKS. Dreams can come true.

11 December 2006

I am woman, therefore I have cramps

Currently at home right now. That's right, in the middle of the morning. I decided that I wouldn't ignore my lady cramps this month. And anyway, it only makes them worse to try and deal with them at work, ya know? I'd rather just curl up in my bed and curse that I am woman.

I sometimes wish women could choose when they're going to start their periods. I remember when my friends were all shaving their legs and I felt so left out. My mom, being the extremely smart woman that she is, told me that once I shaved, I couldn't go back. The hair just keeps growing, and you have to keep shaving. How right she was. (I realize that some women decide to just let the hair grow, but I really like the way my legs feel after I shave. Yeah, I'm addicted)

So if we can put off that grown-up activity until we're ready, why oh why can't we wait until, say, we're ready to have kids to start our periods? Maybe we could activate it by using a tampon or pad for the first time. Of course, we'd know that we couldn't go back, but hey, that's life, right?

I recently told Jared that I was going to start my period soon (so watch out), and he jokingly said something like, "Again? Didn't you just have it?" I told him he summed up the feelings I experience every. single. month.