02 October 2006

Kinky, ACL, & Baseball (American traditions)

Kinky Friedman is a candidate I'm supporting. I know the people who take the time to read this aren't all Kinky fans. So if you're not, the next paragraph might just be scanning material.

First off, Kinky will be at UT this Wednesday. He will be in the Texas Union Ballroom beginning at 11. I'm going to take an early lunch, but I doubt I'll make it in time to be able to see the man. Hopefully they'll have their sound system blaring so those of us who are short and in the back will be able to hear him. It's officially 11-1, so if you have the time, please make it out there to hear him.

Second, I got an email from the boyfriend tonight that stated this:

"We are less than a week away from the only televised debates of this gubernatorial election. That's right: the only chance you are going to get to see the people vying to lead Texas for the next four years going head-to-head will be this Friday night, before the UT-OU football game.

Democracy! The debate's going to be an hour long, without commercials, and will run from 7pm-8pm (central time). In addition to the statewide cable channel TXCN, the following stations will run the debate:

In Dallas WFAA
In Houston KHOU
In San Antonio KENS-TV
In Austin KVUE-TV"

Even if you're not a Kinky believer, I think this debate is worth your time. Come on guys, this state just isn't getting it done anymore (the country's not doing so hot lately either). Please do something...vote.

I've finally uploaded my very lame collection of ACL pictures to Flickr. I forget that I have my camera when I'm having a good time. My Cowboys pictures are still coming...

My 'Stros aren't in the running anymore. So I'm giving my allegiance to (gasp, sigh, hanging of head) the St. Louis Cardinals. If anyone SHOULD win, it should be them. I'm not taking into account the recent slip and slide they had, mind you. But this is a good, solid team. They only thing that could hurt them (and probably will) is their lack of good pitchers. Let's hope Pujols, Edmonds, Carpenter, and the boys can pull them through. Good luck guys. This is the one time I'll be rooting for you.