09 March 2007

Quote of the day

Taken from this article:

'Lance Berkman's left wrist was wrapped with tape prior to Thursday's game in Viera, but he was quick to offer reassurance that he was not injured.

"It's almost like a security blanket," Berkman said. "Sometimes, when you take a lot of swings, your wrist gets sore and you need some extra support. It's like a woobie."'

Woobie! I'll have to use that in my day-to-day life, because words simply don't get any better than that.

I wonder how tough it was for Allyson Footer to write that without laughing.

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08 March 2007

People I have seen go in the women's bathroom whilst sitting at Spiderhouse

1. A woman with clunky combat boots tromping over the sensitive floor. Also wearing camoflauge pants.

2. Sole nice guy who works here trying desperately to get in to change the trash bags.

3. Two girls go in together. Twice.

4. Man with silver briefcase who locked the door behind himself.

07 March 2007

Music Wednesday!

I think that what this blog really needs is a theme day. This could only last one week. This could last forever. We'll just have to hold hands and venture forth together. Shall we?

Now, I'm not the type of person to be on top of music. Well, I know what's out (at least the good stuff), and I know what I'd like to have, but I don't have the money or time right now to build my already too large cd collection. I've recently been relying on Christmas presents and friends who will let me "borrow" music from their computers. Now, I don't do this unless the band is already established and makes lots and lots of money. And one of us always pays for it. So don't get mad at me. Tell them to make cds cheaper.

Anyway, back to topic. While I'm not always the hippest gal on the block with my cd collection, I do tend to think I have decent taste in music. And most of the time my friends are even farther behind me. Or just like to be reminded of that cd they bought many moons ago and maybe they should listen to it again soon. Gosh, I sure do help those friends of mine.

I'm currently listening to The New Pornographers' Twin Cinema. Yes, it's from 2005. I only bought it a year late though, in 2006. That's pretty good for me. Hell, I just bought Interpol's Turn on the Bright Lights a few months ago.

It took me a while to really appreciate Twin Cinema, mainly because I'd previously only heard two songs from it, and I REALLY liked those songs. So I only wanted to listen to them. About 3 or 4 months after I purchased the cd, I actually started to listen to it. And recently it's been one of my regulars as of late. It's peppy in all the right places, and the harmonies are nothing short of wonderful. There's a song in particular that really keeps me on my toes: Track 6, AKA "The Jessica Numbers." It skips around from 3/4 to 2/4 like nobody's business, and again with the harmony! The melody is really quite beautiful in places, and is incredibly easy to sing along with, even though it jumps from what are higher notes for me (mid B range) to some alto notes (my love). I've decided that this song will be the song I make my band cover. Now I've just got to find a band.

We were lucky enough to see half of their set at last year's ACL Festival, and this is truly a talented group of musicians. They sounded incredibly similar to their cd; as in, the quality of their voices was almost as good as the recording. And there was a wonderful live energy to their music that, I think, turned my non-listening friends into fans.

They've got a few albums out (here's their website) and there's a new one coming out this year. If you've never heard this band, I highly suggest you take a gander. If you have heard them and can't understand what the hell I'm rattling on about, don't worry. I've got a somewhat varied taste, and maybe we'll be able to agree on something very soon.

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06 March 2007

Haircuts and bikes

So, I got my hair cut yesterday. While I should have been at work. (Shhh!)

I sort of like it; as in, it's shorter and the split ends are gone and it's softer. But my angled bangs that were previously cute and not too short are now adorable and way too short. Well, not hip-short; I don't look like I'm trying to wear skinny pants and listen to Emo or anything. But they're shorter than they were. And they were cut differently than before. That's what I get for skipping work. And getting my hair cut at a salon in the mall. And not scheduling an appointment with the guy who rocked my hair last time. Let this be a lesson to you: don't skip work and then expect to get a great haircut. Karma won't allow it.

Recently I had a discussion with my co-workers about riding bicycles. One of my co-workers doesn't know how to ride a bike, which warms my heart a bit. See, I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 13. One Three. Yeah. I've always been a slow learner, with walking, swimming (although I still can't tread water), biking, etc. I just don't like to put myself in what could be harm's way if I don't have to. I also lived in the country, so learning to ride a bike meant being willing to fall on a gravel road. Ouch.

My mom finally told me that I needed to learn (at least that's how I remember it. Hi Mom!), and she told me about how she learned by just coasting down a hill. The balance was the most important thing, she said, so coasting would teach me that. Then I could add on the pedaling. Well, after a few weeks of trying, I got up enough courage to try to actually "ride the bike." It sort of worked; I certainly didn't become the next Tour de France contender, but I could get around on two wheels if necessary.

It's been so long since those days that I no longer feel confident on a bicycle. I know people say it comes back to you, but I've got something to say to those people: Not when you were a crappy bike rider in the first place. I tried months ago, but was so embarrassed that I stopped immediately and decided to give up forever. Now I feel like I should hop back on the horse, because if nothing else I need to be able to teach my kids this stuff.

When did you learn to ride? Are you still wonderful at it?