07 November 2006

Thoughts thought whilst walking home and sitting on my porch

If I had a cell phone that had all kinds of capabilities, I'd never use anything else to do anything else. I'd take pictures, download music, get scores (god help me if I ever have one during baseball season), play awesome games, chat, and cuddle with it at night. I'm already one of these people who can't STAND to be anywhere without my cell phone.

My iPod loves me, despite its many scratches and drops. I know this because it randomly played three (count 'em, THREE) Elliott Smith songs in a row. It knows me so well.

A mosquito is, once again, going to prevent me from staying outside on my very nice porch. The little fucker.

I'm not sure if we're supposed to keep the grass short on the other side of the fence (the area between our fence and the sidewalk). I only wonder because it's starting to look like shit.

I told my boyfriend to write down everything he loves about me before this weekend, because I might (MIGHT) take all of my PMS aggression out on him. He'll need a list to reference when I'm crying for no apparent reason and blaming it on him. ("Wait, why do I put up with this every month?") After a year and a half of dating, should he be used to this by now? I sure as hell hope so. And I hope he takes my advice, because I'm already feeling physical pain. Emotional distress shall soon follow. It's a good thing the girls are going to get me drunk this weekend.

I'm going to miss him when the girls get me drunk this weekend.

We need a pet.

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