06 November 2006

A post full of hearts

I sometimes wonder how I ended up dating the person I'm with. He's one of those great people who I thought would never be interested in someone like me. Not that I'm a totally lame person or anything; he was an English major and I was a bored Theatre major. We had an English class together that focused on the rise of drama in America, and the English major (of course) had much more interesting comments to make than the Theatre major. So I just naturally assumed he'd think I was some kind of flake and that'd be that. Apparently he didnt.

He's a writer; much better than most of the junk that's published these days, light years better than I could ever be. I, though, am probably a better Googler than he could ever dream of being. (These are of the same caliber, of course.) He likes a room to be freezing at night. I like a room to be just cool enough to use more than one blanket. He doesn't watch any sports. I watch football, baseball, some basketball, and The Lonestar Rollergirls. (To be fair, he likes the Rollergirls too.)

My point is that he and are probably quite different if you were to write us down on paper. But we've got the essentials: we like the same music, the same movies (mostly), the same politics, the same jokes. We grew up with similar parents, beliefs, and activities. It's just amazing to me that someone I initially thought would be so different than me is the one person I feel is most like me. Just thought I'd share that.

In other news, has anyone else seen the 5 Hour Energy commercial? It first shows people falling asleep at work (one's even a doctor--how secure I feel!). Then, after they drink the 5 Hour Energy drink, they're BAM! Back in action. It even shows this one man walking down a cubicle hallway mysteriously upper cutting the air with his fist. I mean really, have you ever felt so energized you've just HAD to throw a punch? This is excluding the boxers out there. We know how you roll.

If you don't watch the Colbert Report, allow me to tell you what he did tonight, the bastard. He has a balloon drop planned for tomorrow night after the midterms. Of course, all of the balloons are red. So if people want to see a fabulous balloon drop, they have to vote Republican. To drive the point home, he had two very cute children come out and say to the camera, to America, "Vote Republican!" Yeah, it was cute.

I'm about to post this at 11:20 PM by my computer clock. Hopefully Blogger won't screw me over and show it as a 12:01 entry again.

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