02 November 2006

Return to Sender

I got this flyer in the mail today that has a silhouetted picture on the front of an adult holding a child's hand, while the child is holding an American flag. It also says "On Nov 7th Your Vote Will..."

On the back it says at the top "Decide Whose Values Guide Texas." It then has a checklist of issues and says yes or no for whether the Democrats and Republicans support these issues.

"Parental Notification for a minor daughter's abortion"
"The Defense of Marriage Act, defining marriage between a man and a woman"
"Laci Peterson Law, which protects pregnant women from violence"
"A ban on burning the American flag"
"Judges who will strictly interpret the Constitution"

Of course, the Democrats say "NO" to all of these issues while the Republicans say "YES."

I have a lot to say about this, but I feel like I should just wait until tomorrow, when I'll vote early.

At the bottom of the back, it says "The Choice is Clear."
I promptly turned the flyer back over, crossed my name and address out, and wrote, "Return to Sender. I'm a Democrat."*

*To be honest, I'm not sure what I am...I just know I'm not a Republican, and I'd rather see a monkey as governor than Rick Perry. And I'd rather see a Band-Aid as President rather than George.

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becks said...

I *HATE* political flyers. I got a ton of them from BOTH parties in the mail recently. They contain no real information and are a waste of resources. Instead I read about the issues on the internet, got a REAL understanding of things and didn't have to kill a tree or pollute the environment. And I voted early too! Yay!