30 January 2007

Daily Themes

So I'm in a posting mood today. Technically I'm starting this entry at 11:55 on Tuesday, but I might not get it posted until after 12:00 AM Wednesday. We'll see.

Lately it seems that life has been giving me themed days. A few days ago I was thinking a bit about death and everything that goes along with it. I think I'd had a dream about dying and had woken up a little shaken by it. Then I noticed that Fringes had a post about death. And THEN I saw the first of many front page articles about the Pitonyak case that concluded today. If you haven't kept up with it, just know that there was some gruesome death associated with that case, and reading the details shook me to the core. I just couldn't get rid of this fear that maybe that was going to happen to me, and I should really be careful about who I encounter in my life. (That's just a silly fear, but still, I'm happy with my little group of sane friends)

Today's theme seemed to be sleep; or lack thereof. I had a weird night last night, going to bed rather early. I woke up in the middle of the night, used the bathroom, came back to my bed to discover that I'd fallen asleep with my laptop by my side, plugged it in to charge, and then promptly fell right back asleep. I woke to my alarm thinking "What the hell? Didn't I just go to sleep?"

To continue this theme, my friend Becks wrote a post about her rather eventful night of dreams that seemed to interrupt her sleep cycle. Then the boyfriend told me that he barely slept last night due to a bit of nervousness about something that was to happen today.

Finally, I saw a Lunestra (no link, sorry--I'm tired and want to finish this) ad which, I thought, illustrated insomnia rather well. An ex of mine had (still has, I guess) insomnia something awful, so I can definitely say that of the many things I'm thankful for, not having insomnia is definitely one of them. I LOVE to sleep, and I simply can't imagine not having that one true escape from a stressful life.

The whole point of this post is to wonder if life has themes like this and I'm just tuned in to them for some reason, or if I'm just making all of these links up because I over analyze. Do you ever have days like this? When it almost seems silly to NOT take note of consistencies?

I've also gotta say that I love what Rolling Rock is doing with their ad campaign. They're airing apologies for ads that are apparently so contraversial that they can't air them on TV. Of course I fall for it and go to their website, but come on! A party gorilla AND men in a office wearing thongs? (you don't see the thongs, for the jackets cover everything) I'll fall for those two things any time.


marci said...

You're not counting me among your sane friends, are you?

ihearttheastros said...

I guess I'm just hoping you're a crazy friend who's safe to be around.