29 January 2007

Food diary

I just came across a post at Killer Rants! about things that are useless. Food diaries were mentioned, and this intrigued me. You mean someone (several someones, apparently) thought it was a good idea to publish a list of what they're eating? On the internet? Who cares?

But then I decided that I'd tell you all what I just ate. Yogurt. Yoplait to be exact. Light Harvest Peach. It's not that I particularly love yogurt. Or that I'm trying to be healthy. Well, maybe. I just wanted something other than waffles and pop tarts for breakfast at work. So I decided to eat yogurt again. Last time I did this, my stomach hated it after two weeks. We'll see what happens this time.

What did you just eat? Or what are you dreaming of eating?

If anyone's on a diet and starts bragging about their rice cakes, you should know that I might just have to loathe you. Unless you honestly love those rice cakes. Then we can maybe be friends. If you share. (I've never tried them, are they good?)


fringes said...

Peanut M&Ms. I am on a diet.

superbecks said...

I don't like rice cakes, but at Whole Foods you can get these soy crisps in a bag. They look like mini rice cakes and sound really gross, but the different flavors are really good and I can eat them and enjoy them as much as I enjoy potato chips. Actually, I can enjoy them more because they are not bad for me.

Avimaan said...

Rice cakes fall into the category of snacks that aren't super tasty but you want more and more of, like Cheez-Its.