10 February 2007


I am currently scanning my computer for viruses with Symantec. I normally use PC-cillin, and have been enamored with it. It does its job and stays out of my way, which is exactly what you want in a virus protection program, right? I hate it when programs are all, "I'm protecting your computer and you should know about it, because I'm doing my job well and I deserve some respect and admiration. I won't let you do your work until you acknowledge that I'm saving your ass every single day."

Anyway, I'm having to install and run Symantec for the class I'm taking (the link to the website I'm building for it is over on the right). I thought about asking the instructor if I could just skip that step and keep my PC-cillin going, but I decided to run Symantec anyway. If only to prove that PC-cillin's been kicking virus butt all this time.

The Symantec scan isn't pulling up anything so far. If it finds no viruses, I'm uninstalling that bitch and enabling PC-cillin again (sorry about the B word Mom).

Speaking of Mom, I was corrected last night. Concerning this post: my mother told me that growing up, baseball and basketball were a big part of her life. I had known about the baseball; she's told me about when she kept up with the Yankees. That's when they were the good guys, with players like Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. Apparently she also kept up with basketball, because that's when people like Wilt Chamberlain were playing. So this recent surge in basketball watching is nothing new to her. It's just new and wonderful to me.

I like finding things like that out about my parents. I guess it allows me to see more of myself in them than before.

Seventeen minutes in to the scan and nothing found. Looks like PC-cillin's sticking around and Symantec's getting kicked to the curb.

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AstroDude said...

you know, I can install Linux on your lappy and not you won't have to worry about viruses at all!