07 February 2007

Ooooohhh Yeahhhhhh!!!!

I've been breathless all morning. I got the official email from the official Astros saying that they're officially giving the email list recipients an early crack at buying OFFICIAL OPENING DAY TICKETS.

On April 2, I will be sitting in a seat at Minute Maid park with an overpriced beer in one hand and a jumbo hot dog in the other. And I will take lots of pictures and maybe even some videos. And I will probably shed a tear when thinking that Jeff won't be playing this game anymore.

It's become a small tradition, going to Opening Day. Two years ago I experienced my first opening day with some friends who happened to have an extra ticket. These boys thought of me when that ticket opened, and that still warms my heart. A year ago we carpooled from Austin to Houston, stopping for greasy food and occasionally singing along to classic rock and Ryan Adams. Another part of the group met us at Minute Maid, and our row was complete. It was great, especially because we got to see them uncover the 2005 National League Champions addition to the left field wall.

This year, I'm expecting a smaller group. I'm not bummed about this in the least, because I know that whenever I'm at a ballpark I feel incredible. It's an amazing feeling that just washes over me when I step into a park and can smell the dirt and grass. I just know that this year, this year's going to be great. And my Astros are going all the way.

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AstroDude said...

I'm jealous that you're going to opening day... Then again, I will get to go to Hawaii soon after :-P