12 February 2007


I'm feeling random today, so here's a random post for all of my (i.e. 8) loyal readers:

Last night my roommate and I went to The Moulin Rouge Singalong at the Alamo. (By the by, if you don't live in Austin, you're missing the greatest movie theater of all time. I suggest you move here right away.) Obviously, one would need to be a fan of this movie to go to the singalong; hell, to even watch the movie more than once you'd have to be in love with it. Which I am, forever and always.

Anyway, we go and are warming up our vocal cords with large Cokes. The movie begins. There's the 20th Century Fox part, the overture (I LOVE overtures, by the way), and then John Leguizamo is on the screen. He begins singing. We, the audience, begin singing (as you're wont to do at a singalong). The woman beside me sighs, looks around, and shakes her head. As in, "I can't believe people are singing already." IT'S A SINGALONG, LADY!! Obviously she (nor anyone in her party) has ever seen the movie before. Lord knows why she chooses to come to the singalong. Then, THEN, near the end of the movie, just as Nicole is about to collapse and die, she leans to me and asks, "What's that actor's name? The main guy?" (A collective gasp should be happening right now, unless you're my wonderful friend Marci, who doesn't see a lot of movies) A part of me dies. But I answer, "Ewan McGregor." Then Nicole dies, Ewan cries, and the crazy lady next to me just says, "Aww." Yeah, aww. THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE JUST DIED. Aww's a bit of an understatement.

On to something else, I just signed up for the GRE. My date of execution truth will be March 10. PLEASE wish me luck.

Earlier I found some joy in the fact that the Office Depot delivery guy recognized me outside of the office. Granted, I met him in the building I work in, but it's always nice to know that people you see everyday through business actually do remember you if you're not behind a desk and computer. Our UPS guy (James) remembered me in a coffee shop, and one of the Physical Plant guys remembered me after I'd left my old job, where he'd seen me constantly. I saw him about a month after I'd started my new job, and he wished me luck. I was happy all day after that encounter.

I'm glad these minor occurrences bring me joy. Otherwise life would be dull indeed.

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