15 February 2007


I stayed home sick today. When this happens I sometimes think that I'll begin to feel better halfway through the day and then I'll clean my room, wash the dishes, do LOTS of GRE studying, watch my Netflix movie--you know, productive things. But no. I sit and watch The Empire Strikes Back, Broadcast News, and The Family Stone. The Family Stone made me cry. It's a sad movie, but I shouldn't have bawled that much. I just tend to get emotional when I'm feeling sick, and this damn movie exploited that. Assholes.

This Wendy's commercial with the "trophy burger" is a bit ridiculous. They have a shot of beauty queens (are they called that anymore) holding a bacon mushroom melt like they're actually going to eat it. Yeah, right. You don't get to be a beauty queen by eating bacon burgers. You don't be to be a beauty queen by eating any burgers. Well, if you have my metabolism you don't.

Tina Fey's trying to be nice on 30 Rock. I really like this show.

I hope everyone had a good Thursday. Make sure your Friday is awesome, ok?


fringes said...

Are you feeling better? I also watched Empire. HBO has tocked all week lomg.

fringes said...

Oops...HBO has rocked. I'm sleepy, so the typos abound.

ihearttheastros said...

Indeed, HBO rocks and I'm feeling better--thanks for asking. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked *tocked*. I wish it would catch on.

fringes said...

jss, you made me laugh.