22 February 2007


Hi. Lately I haven't had much interesting happen to me, so I guess I'll just talk about some things that have entered my mind in the past few days.

On Monday I had an appointment to give blood. I'd only done this once before in my life, and that was for extra credit in a biology class. And I would have sold my soul for extra credit in that biology class because people, I'm not that good at science. Anyway, we (my roommate and I) walk into the donor clinic about 5 minutes before my appointment. The lady at the reception desk stood up to greet us with a very nice "Hi, how are you doing today?" To which I replied, "Fine, how are you?" To which she replied, "Are you here to save a life today?" To which I replied with a chuckle and "Well, I have a 6 o'clock appointment, so.." It was an awkward moment, because for once I just couldn't contain the laughter at the statement. How do I respond to that? "Yes, I'm here to be better than most human beings and give blood so that others may live." Sure, that's what I was thinking, but who in their right mind would actually say that? Damn, I should have said that.

I recently renewed my vehicle registration through the mail. Well, recently means yesterday. And it goes out at the end of this month. Oh well. As I was sitting at work doing my bills (because there was NOTHING to do at work earlier this week), I looked through all of the little leaflets they stuff in the vehicle registration envelope. Turns out that for $30-$40 I could have gotten a license plate that said "God Bless America" or "God Bless Texas" or my personal favorite, "Fight Terrorism." Actually, I can't remember right now if it said "Fight" or "Stop," but you get the idea. I wasn't surprised that TXDOT would have something like this, but it still shocked me nonetheless. It just seemed to me like a very loud declaration that "this state loves our President and he can do no wrong!" Ugh.

I'm currently putting off my i312 homework. I hope you guys follow that link and see that I now have two blogs. What fun.

I'll hopefully be able to post a bit more in the future, but lately these days have been dragging me down. I hope everyone's doing well.

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Cobbalicious said...

All I'm sayin' is, Obama '08.