19 February 2007

Summer's here!!

Well, maybe not. But I sure do have some great summer vibrations going on. I just walked to Jamba Juice and got drinks for all of us at work. And it's bea-u-ti-ful out there. The sun is out, the wind is blowing, winter has left us; at least for the next few days.

Now, when I saw winter I'm obviously not talking about real winter. Although there was that time we had snow that stayed on the ground for an hour or two. In fact, most would probably call our winter fall. But to me, a native Texan, it's winter. Because I had to walk to work in temperatures below 40 degrees many, many days (approx. 20). Way too many days for my comfort.

So the moral of this entry is this: I'm beginning to realize that I'm a true Texan. Because the moment the weather started to get warmer, my mood lightened. I'm sure part of this mood enhancement is due to the protein boost I got in my Caribbean Passion, but people, I like warm weather. I don't really like sweating on my way to work, but I love sitting on the porch after work, going to baseball games, driving with my windows down, and whatever else comes with summer. I love it. And I'm ready.

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