04 January 2007

Sympathy garnered here

So the apparent shit storm that was preventing me from breathing like a normal human being (through my nose) was just a severe allergy attack. I hate saying that, because it seems to take away from the miserableness that was me for a few days. I honestly thought I was going to drown in my own snot. I almost got my roommate to take me to the hospital one night. What would I have said? "I can only breathe through my nose and it's REALLY freaking me out!" God I'm silly when I'm sick.

Luckily (so that I don't sound like a complete fruit), the doctor told me that if I had let this go untreated it could have turned into a sinus infection. Score! A real 'feel sorry for me' sickness! So that's what I've been opening with when people ask me if I'm feeling better. People, I LOVE sympathy. I feel ok admitting this, because everyone knows that if you admit something bad about yourself people can't hate you for it. So anyway, any sympathy that I can get is good sympathy. I'm a sympathy whore.

The doctor gave me a sample of Nasonex to try. It's not supposed to work its best until 2-3 days have passed, but it's already made a difference. Will I have to change from pills to nasal spray? I've been so faithful to my over-the-counter (i.e. cheap) Claritin that I'd feel like a traitor going to another allergy medicine. What to do, what to do.

I do feel kind of hard-core using nasal sprays. It's like saying that my allergies are SO BAD that I need a medicine that goes directly to the trouble spot. Pills don't cut it for me people. I've got allergies.


superbecks said...

Welcome to cedar fever. Ain't it great?

AstroDude said...

hope you feel better!!