01 January 2007

Happy New Year!!

Yeah, happy new year everybody. While every other blogger I know was writing lots of wonderful stories, I stayed pretty quiet. I apologize for that. I ended up traveling a lot. The boyfriend's family lives way out in the country where there is no wireless internet or cellphone reception. I felt like I was in the dark ages. (Not really, but I like to tease him about that) As of tomorrow though, I'll have free internet and wonderful cellphone reception when I'm visiting him. He is finally (after a year and a half) moving closer. Thank goodness for patience.

Since it was his last weekend in his hometown, we did New Years there. I thought that surely his friends would be jumping at the chance to hang out with him on one of his last nights in town, but not much was going on. We ended up meeting up with some of his old friends from high school. This group amazes me. They've known each other for a long time (some are friends from middle or elementary school I think), and each one has changed considerably I'm sure. There are some conservatives, some liberals, artists, gun lovers, you name it. Somehow they've all grown up to be different people while still staying close friends. I don't know how this is possible, as the only person from my childhood that I see with any regularity is my cousin. And that's because she lives with me. I thought all of this while standing around a bonfire with the boyfriend's friends surrounding us. It made me a little sad that I don't have my high school friends around anymore, but it also made me very happy that this group has accepted me quite quickly. I guess they figure that if one of their own likes me, I can't be too bad.

On the frowning side of things, two consecutive nights of bonfires in 30 degree weather has taken its toll on my sinuses. I'm currently breathing out of my mouth, as my nose is completely stopped up. I hate feeling like this. But I love that tomorrow I will be having afternoon coffee with friends and helping the boyfriend move in 30 minutes away mourning, and therefore not working.


superbecks said...

As gross as it is, I highly recommend this sinus rinse: http://www.neilmed.com/

I've been using it three times a day since my last sinus infection, along with a regular antihistamine that my doc prescribed, and I've had zero trouble.

It's gross and weird at first, but you get used to it and you can feel the affects pretty quickly. I think they have them at walgreens and I think they are reasonably priced.

Fringes said...

Happy New Year!

AstroDude said...

I share your dislike for stuffy sinuses. It's at times like those when I could just knock myself out for a week and wake up when I felt better.

oh yeah, happy new year.