28 November 2006


All of a sudden, I got a yearning to clean tonight. It could be that the floor was DIRTY. The floor always seems dirty, but I'm rather sensitive to dirt on the floor when I'm walking barefoot. And sticky stuff. And food crumbs. We all end up dropping things on the floor, but they don't always get cleaned up. And there are two girls who live in this house (soon to be three), and we shed hair. So the floor just got disgusting. Dis-gus-ting. It's now swept and Swiffered.

Then I noticed that the side of the sink we use for draining dishes had a funny smell. After I pulled out the now bone dry dishes, I had to clean the sink. Because it was, of course, dirty.

Then I decided to FINALLY try to get rid of two of the three boxes that have prevented me from getting to my bookcase since we moved in. A full trash bag later (one of those boxes had candles I'll just never burn again), and I've gotten my room down to only ONE box that needs to be emptied. Maybe I'll be through with that one when it's time for us to move out.

Talking to my roommates tonight, I almost slipped into my wondrous depression again. One roommate is leaving for a job with Iowa State, and he's busy getting ready to take his team to a bowl game and get things together to move out. My other roommate has a lot of finals and labs coming up. I'm sitting there not having anything to contribute to the conversation, and the first roommate says to me, "You're lucky you don't have anything, right?" For a moment, I didn't know what to say. I wanted to look at the floor and think about how he was right and how lame I feel. Then I decided, you know what? I do have things I'm doing. Like studying for the GRE (which I then brought up in the conversation). And dammit, the house has to be cleaned by someone.

I do miss the stress of school sometimes though.

Did I just say that??

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superbecks said...

You did just say that, and I completely understand. I'm happiest during the semesters that I'm in class. I feel productive and I feel like my brain is being exposed to new and glorious things. I like exercising my brain. You do too. Intelligent people are like that, you know. :)