26 November 2006

Sunday Nights

These nights are usually pretty hard for me, as I've either left the boyfriend to come back to Austin or he's left to go back to Huntsville. For a few days (this weekend was extra nice), I get to know what it feels like to have someone hold me, someone to laugh with, someone who I can be incredibly dorky with. During the week we talk every night, but it's nowhere near the same.

I know I should just be thankful that I've got someone in my life, but long distance relationships have a way of making that thought frustrating. I'm tired of having to be content with seeing him every weekend (yeah, we're one of the lucky long distance couples). I'm very ready for him to be closer. Which he will be. In a little over a month. Will our relationship change? Probably. Will it be a hard adjustment? Doubtful. We have a great sense of humor that's going to work well against either one of us getting tired of the other.

What I really wanted to say with this post is that I love the boyfriend, and I can't wait to have him nearer. Then I won't see Sunday nights as such terrible things.

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