16 November 2006

Quick! Post!

I'll be getting this in just under the wire. I got a wild hair up my butt tonight and decided to clean. Maybe it's because Jared (formally known only as "the boyfriend") is coming up, and I haven't seen him in two weeks. Maybe (and this is a little more likely) it's because my parents are coming over this weekend. They rarely show up in Austin, so this is an occasion to clean.

We might be getting an addition to our little family soon. It will be fluffy, with four legs and a tail. Keep your fingers crossed.

My clock says 11:53 PM. Gotta hurry.

We passed Toy Joy tonight (I'll provide the link later, must write!) and outside of their new vegan cafe was a sight to be seen. A band of three members wearing masks (one was a dog mask!) was playing in the parking lot. The dog masked guy was playing a theremin (I promise another link later), which made me the happiest girl in the land. I've grown a little obsessive with the theremin after seeing The Octopus Project live (seriously, it's coming). And I have a weakness for humans dressed up as animals. This is the main reason I LOVED the series Trigger Happy TV. Anyway, this sight is something I wouldn't have seen living in the previous cities I've inhabited, so it was basically just another reason to say that I truly love Austin.

11:58!! Publish!

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