12 November 2006

I am woman

Well, I watched movies and cried again today. But this time, it was Rudy. I'd seen it a long time ago, probably while I was lying with my bean bag in my parent's living room. So today when I started watching it, it was like I was seeing it for the first time. All I remembered was that it was a tear jerker or heart warmer or anything else you say about inspirational true story sports movies. And it sure was all of those things. It jerked several tears from my very willing eyes. Ahh, football.

My friend Marci is going to be a football player. And I mean a real football player. She's not playing touch football, but serious "I'm going to take your head off" football. I'm buying season tickets.

This weekend wasn't extremely productive, but I did get the front and back yards weed whacked. I would say that I mowed them, but our mower is not a great one, our front yard is really too small to mow, and the back yard has a lot of potentially lethal rocks tucked away. So the weed whacker got a good workout today. As did my arms. I really don't have a lot of arm strength, and for hours afterwards, I couldn't lift them without a lot of motivation and momentum. And the only reason I'm typing right now is because I had a beer and three Ibuprofen. The pain is numbed for now. And the yards look great, which makes my Sunday complete.

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