17 November 2006

Network TV

I've started writing two different posts, but can't seem to find a subject I want to expound on. I'm currently waiting for Jared to arrive, and hopefully I soon I will be in a restaurant somewhere waiting for food to arrive.

Since our satellite dish was blown down by strong winds the other day, there's not much to distract me in the way of television. We have the rabbit ears, and that's it. It gets us the necessary network tv, but geez, have you watched network tv lately? This has got to be some of the worst entertainment I've seen. The Biggest Loser? Deal or No Deal? I do admit to certain tv shows. Namely Gilmore Girls and House. And I was happy that I got to catch 30 Rock and some of The Office last night. I would have never watched those if our satellite dish had been working. But my god. Howie Mandel is creeping me out.

I've got to go take my curlers out.

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