28 February 2007

Barack My World

People, I know this man is 45 and a politician. But looking at this picture, how can one think of anything except "This man's wife is a lucky, lucky woman."

I think that even the boyfriend would agree with me.

I find it interesting that someone I know thinks Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party's Presidential candidate. I cannot imagine that Hillary would have the ability to convince between 15,000 to 20,000 Texans to stand outdoors in bad weather for an entire afternoon. Texas is a notorious red state, with our governor turning into Bush Jr. The fact that Barack Obama was able to pull together people of many different races, backgrounds, and ages fully supports my belief that we will be able to vote for this man come November '08. Then again, this happened in Austin, probably the most liberal city in Texas. Oh well. Maybe the state will follow in our footsteps.

I've heard some claim that Hillary will get the vote simply because she's a woman and don't all women want to support her? NO! (I say emphatically) The fact that she's a woman shouldn't enter into the equation. Her politics are questionable. First she supported the war, then she didn't. This same flip-flopping cost Kerry the presidential vote in '04. What makes people think that she'll somehow be able to rise above it?

I've only scratched the surface of both candidates (I haven't even begun considering other Democratic hopefuls) and I intend to find out more about them as we draw closer to the primaries. I know that Obama supported the bill to build a fence along our border, which I oppose. So we'll see if anything else comes up about either that will help me make a better informed decision. But as it stands now, I'm hoping Obama's name will be on the ballot next year.

Any opinions out there? Got some love for a candidate yet?


Emily Snipes said...

Oh yeah he's not bad to look at. We had a local congressman run here in the fall and won (he was previously the sheriff). Go check out his pic - he's roughly same age as this guy, but pure hotness. Tall dark & handsome.


*I literally have stalked him :)
(j/k - kinda)

ihearttheastros said...

You're right - he's handsome. Maybe this will be a time of attractive politicians. Keep your fingers crossed.

Demond Sanders said...

I think he's goofy as hell. He strikes me as very square.