04 December 2006

What a day

Well, I should know by now that when I tell a few people, "I don't do much at my job" my job's gonna suck the next day. Not so much suck as become very busy. Well wait, yeah, it sucked.

Basically it was an instance of a higher-up not knowing just how much work they wanted me to do in a matter of hours. Turning one pile of papers into four piles of papers makes for an eight hour day spent at the copy machine.

I also had my first lunch time aerobics class today. I think it gave me the energy I needed to barrel through some of those copies, but it did not make my stomach happy. I had to wait to eat an hour later than usual, and one just shouldn't do that to her body. Especially mine. My stomach knows when it's time to eat, and when I try to trick it it ends up in a horrible mood. So I did too.

Apologies for this rant. It's just been one of those days when nothing terrible has really happened but I'm ready to throw the towel in anyway. Know what I mean? Exhausting.

I'll be having coffee (or beer, oh the decisions) tonight with an old friend who always leaves me happy, so I'm sure my head will hit the pillow smiling tonight. I hope yours does the same.

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