04 December 2006


...to get out. To get out of the house, out of your own head for a little while. To have to wait for a friend to show up, which pits you alone against the world at a coffee house. To have to sit with nothing to read, no one to call, nothing to do but wait and look around you.

As promised, my friend has put me into a much better mood. I found out that I'm not the only person in the world who sometimes feels like a hermit. There are others that need to have friends who will poke and prod them to get out and enjoy. I've also been challenged to have an adventure in my life, which I hope will actually happen. I wonder what my adventure will be. A friend invited me to go on a hiking trip, and I'm actually pretty psyched about the possibility of that happening. Will a trip turn into the adventure I'll always remember? Or will it be something involving a relationship of some sort? What's going to jump start the life in me?

I've been addicted to Interpol lately. I just got Turn on the Bright Lights (yes, I know I'm behind with my music--that's what happens when you live paycheck to paycheck), and it's all I want to hear. I love those purchases that seem to be destined for certain times in your life.

Usually I find that if I'm trying to find something or figure something out I do better to just let go of it. I don't necessarily put it somewhere else, I just loosen my grip. And then somehow the solution comes. Maybe I should just loosen the grip on my life...keep my finger on the pulse just in case...but relaxing and enjoying things sounds kind of nice right now.

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