24 January 2007

Football for Ladies

My friend Rebecca just posted about this, but I shall too.

You may have noticed the nice big Austin Outlaws logo to the right of this post. I highly suggest you visit the site, because it's only the most awesome thing in this world. Mainly because my friend Marci is a member of this female football team. She tried out, she wowed and impressed, and she got in. Words can't describe how proud I am, but they will have to eventually. Because I will be holding a sign up for her at every single home game.

Please visit the website and consider a game. If you want season tickets, you can buy them from my friend directly (I recommend this), or you can buy them through the website (I'm pretty sure you can get single game tickets through her too--ask me about it if you're interested). There are only 4 home games, and season tickets only cost $35. That's more than a single seat at an NFL game, and these girls are playing for the love of the sport rather than the money. Which always makes it better.

This post may seem rushed, because it is. I apologize for this. I am trying to publish before 5.

Go Marci!

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