19 June 2006

House, interrupted

This is our fourth week of living in the new house, and it's really starting to feel like ours. Which makes me sad, because by the end of the week there will be a new person there. We'll have to begin to let him feel like it's his too. How do we do that? I hope he has no qualms about us having the cleaning supplies in the half bath, the Paramount and Alamo Drafthouse calendars on the kitchen walls, or the rather pink bean bag in the living room. I also hope he has no problem with me watching a lot of ESPN or FSN, though I think he might be able to get over that. We'll see how he reacts to my cousin's Lifetime TV.

This weekend we finally had the housewarming we've been craving for a year (ever since we moved in together). It was, I think, a success. Except for one guy having to leave because he had gall stones. And one of our nicer shot glasses getting the top broken off. And most of the beer still sitting in our cooler. Wait, maybe the beer is a good thing. If only we could find room in the fridge.

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