27 June 2006


There's a place here called Moe's. It's a part Baja Fresh, part Chipotle, part awesome names for orders kind of place. For example, one burrito is called the "Art Vandalay," one order of nachos is called "Ruprict," etc. I usually get the "John Coctostan," a quesadilla that's simply scrumptious. To my delight, this particular Moe's location on Guadalupe had a Longhorn Special. This included either the John Coctostan or a burrito (the name escapes me) and a drink for $5. Even. As in, you hand over a five dollar bill. Beautiful.

We go in today, braving the crowds of parents desperately trying to learn how to live with thier kids at college (it's orientation time), and are disappointed to discover that the Longhorn Special is no more. When I pay the typically friendly cashier, she informs me that this was the only location with this special, and that "corporate" (her word) had decided that they were losing too much money. Wha? I doubt the ingredients that go into this particular dish exceed $5 total.

Somehow this reminds me instantly of Congress deciding that while they certainly have slaved hard enough for a pay raise, minimum wage workers have not. They voted to raise their salaries while keeping minimum wage at $5.15 an hour. Wasn't this what I was paid in junior college? Wasn't that 5 years ago? Hasn't the price of living increased in that time? I live a relatively single life, with rent, car payments, general bills, and groceries to pay for. I don't even pay my car insurance or cell phone bills yet (they're coming, don't worry), and I feel like I'm scraping by on a SALARY. I can't fathom trying to live, let alone raise a family, on $5.15 an hour.

I just think "corporate" and Congress are lame.

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marci said...

Yeah, but Moe's is no Freebirds. Mmm, Freebirds...

(Notice how I missed the whole point of the entry.)